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20K Shot Challenge

From June 1st – August 31st the goal will be to shoot 20K pucks. To incentivize the players, we will have a ceremonial 20K puck club T-shirt as well as a hat. For those that do not get to 20K, we will also be offering something at the 10K puck level. We will also be working with the rinks to recognize those individuals who achieve this to have a poster representing them.


How to fill out the form and submit:

Each time your child shoots 100 pucks they can close out a box. Once all 200 boxes are closed, they will have hit the 20K total. During these sessions, players may want to stick handle and take breaks, or even find a friend to shoot pucks with to make it a little more fun. Athletes will be recognized and awarded their new apparel at the Warhawk Day celebration once the season starts.

Please use the PDF above and send a completed copy of the form to our secretary Zach Krueger via email:


Specific shots by age level:

  • 8U: Wrist and backhand shots (Blue pucks would be best to learn proper technique)
  • 10U: Wrist and backhand shots
  • 12U: Wrist, Snap, Slap and backhand shots
  • 14U: Wrist, Snap, Slap and backhand shots


For Goalies:

Not to worry, we know that goalies need high repetition and hand-eye coordination as well and this can also be built with off-ice work. We are asking that our goalies 'save' 10K-20K balls to work on that quick hand-eye coordination and lateral movement. They can use a tennis ball or la crosse ball to throw or bounce at the wall and then make a save. This can also be done with a partner, be creative to make this more engaging.

This is specific to dry-land, so saves made on the ice at camps and during stick and puck do not count. We'd like to build the habit of putting in the hours at home for both our shooters and our goalies.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to Chris Kraft, VP On Ice at